Mila Majka

This boat was originally built in 1963, renovated in the winter of 2012-13. It is 19 metres long, 5,3 metres wide. Its two masts are 14 metres high. The boat has two decks and an under deck with cabins for two people. The saloon, showers and toilets are located on the main deck. The boat can accommodate up to 20 guests. The crew consists of the captain-chef, cook, ship boy, and the steward.

Thanks to its size Mila Majka squeezes into even the smallest port or bay. The captain is also a skilled and educated chef at the same time – he professionally oversees the preparation of your meals, which is unique for the Adriatic. Mila Majka means “sweet mother” in English.


Tour of the MILA MAJKA (0:37)

New PROMO VIDEO of the MILA MAJKA (2:07)