To the typical local drinks belong wine and wine spirits, whether with herbal extract (travarica) or pure (lozovača) together with liqueurs made from wine spirit base with various island fruits and nuts added and macerated.


The wine growing tradition on the Adriatic islands dates back to the Roman Empire. Traditionally, wine is drunk with meals. But you can drink it not only with meals and not only aboard. The top quality wine (vrhunsko vino) is expensive but you can still come across good quality homemade wine with relative ease, especially in family restaurants. You might be interested in visiting a winery (vinarija) or wine cellar (vinski podrum) and experience either organized or improvised wine tasting. You can also taste simple, truly homemade “rustic” wine that has been made in island households using the same process since ancient times. Local wines of various quality and prices have usually distinctive character and unique taste compared to globalized mass produced wines.


Drinks onboard

Tea (generally black), breakfast coffee and milk are served during breakfast.

Water is available in pitchers at every table during dinner.

It is possible to order drinks on all our boats. The prices are regulated by GEOTOUR (here are some examples of prices valid during 2016):

Other drinks (liquors and spirits, both local and imported – globalized) are served in the boat bar. It is possible to order espresso coffee (subject to a supply of 220 V electricity).

In public areas of the boat it is not allowed to consume drinks not purchased in the bar.