Daily Routine



From one place to another or – making a loop

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The profile is hilly, with steep climbs in some places. It is possible to adjust difficulty of the route with your own choice of surface, profile and length.

Our boats usually sail between two ports during the day (from port X-start to port Z-finish). In some days, however, you can choose to get on or get off the boat in another port located along the way (Y), which can cut your biking distance about in half for that particular day.

BIKEBOAT is also suitable for couples even if only one person is cycling while the other stays on the boat. In the case that you decide to remain on the boat during the day, our captain can cast the anchor for you in a crystal blue sheltered bay so you can swim or dive there, or you also have the option of exploring a picturesque port town en route. You will meet your partner again in port Z – the finish. The boat usually reaches port Z before the cyclists.

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Occasionally the boat stays in the same port during the day. Then it is possible to cycle around the island in any way you wish.