Discovery route

It has no set sailing itinerary and it will take you to both familiar and unfamiliar places and islands. The discovery route is suitable for those who like to be surprised because it is different every time. The guide sets the itinerary based on the actual weather and sailing conditions and following consultations with the captain of the ship. You will have a unique opportunity to visit places that are not, for various reasons, included in the itineraries of our five regular routes (for example, in some cases, a port is accessible only occasionally or irregularly). The sailed distance corresponds with distances sailed on our regular routes. The information provided by the guide might be limited.

kolo The number of biking days and options roughly corresponds with the average for regular routes. However, we are unable to guarantee the same efficiency and succession as on regular routes. At the same time, you might be among the first bikers to visit certain places along the way.

Day 1/Fri: Departure from Prague* afternoon – Wien/Linz – Graz –
Day 2/Sat: – Maribor – Zagreb, arrival to the port of Baška Voda/Makarska/Dubrovnik in the morning. Boarding, meet the crew and learn boat rules.
Day 3/Sun: –  Day 8/Fri: Sailing without a predetermined plan for known and unknown locations and islands.
kolo one-way rides or circuits.
Day 9/Sat: Disembark after breakfast.  Free time for walking (or kolo ride), swimming and sightseeing. Departure in the late afternoon or early evening.
Day 10/Sun: Return to Prague.

Port of disembark – Baška Voda, Makarska, ev. Omiš, unless stated other.