Your food is prepared by the professional cook onboard. Most of the food is from fresh or long-lasting ingredients that are loaded onto your ship on the day of departure (Saturday). Part of the ingredients will be bought by the crew fresh at the local market or farmers on the island that you are currently visiting. Fish and seafood is often bought fresh from local fishermen straight after they come back from overnight fishing.

Meat and fish

The ratio of main courses made from meat and fish during your week aboard is about 4 to 3. Every participant gets the same meal. If you do not eat fish or meat or if you are holding a diet, please write your request in the sign up form. The chef will be notified and will try to adapt your menu to suit your request.


BIKEBOAT half board

The BIKEBOAT half board was invented by GEOTOUR. The local cuisine and boat meals are combined with high energy foods for the BIKEBOAT program.