Our fleet

How do the boats you will be sailing on look like? Do not expect anything like commercial cruise ships furnished with escalators and staffed with liveried servants. At the same time, do not expect tiny sport yachts where you would be required to work. Instead, you will be traveling (and living) on traditional wooden sailing boats that have been used for the transportation of passengers and goods in the Adriatic sea for centuries.

Benefits of our boats/ships

Our boats offer adequate comfort for people who do not mind small cabins furnished with bunk berths and who like the informal atmosphere (which could be even advantage compared to courtliness of bigger ships). The small boat draught allows us sailing into small ports or anchoring in shallow bays. Boats are not only means of transporation, but at the same time a moving base and background for us. On our boats nothing is too far: it takes you just a few steps to get to the salon to have your meal, to the foredeck bench to enjoy your drink or to the upper deck to lay in the sun. From your cabin it takes you a minute to the crystal clear sea, or – to the core of a port town.


The captain and his crew

The crew takes care of everything, so you do not need to have any sailing skills to participate. Meals are served twice a day on the boat. The Croatian captain, who typically owns the boat, commands the 4-5 member crew. When travelling, the boat is mostly propelled by its diesel engine. However, occasionally, if the wind is favourable, sails can be used.

The cabins

Do not expect lot of space in the cabins. They are very small with bunk berths mostly. Cabins for three have an additional bed (on the SILVA) or a double bed with a bed above it (on the TVRDI). Some boats, such as the JEROLIM and NAVIGATOR have double or twin beds instead of bunk berths. Blankets, pillows and bed linens are provided. Each cabin has a tiny cabinet or shelf space for clothes and other belongings. Because of limited space you will have to leave some of your belongings in your bag under the berth during the trip. That is why you should take a bag and no backpack or a trunk.

Water and electricity

The water in the showers is heated either by the boat engine when sailing or by the land power supply when the boat is in the port. 220V electric outlets are available in Class A cabins and in common areas. These outlets are working only if the boat engine is running or if the boat is connected to the land power supply. Their usage is limited for electrical appliances up to 300 W energy input. It is possible to use them to recharge your batteries or for shaving, but they are not suitable for using a hairdryer etc. Water on the boat is drinkable.

Why these boats?

There are tens of similar boats sailing on the Croatian Adriatic. Our boats are chosen so that we can offer a large range of types of comfort and size in our selection. We prefer traditional, wooden boats with tradition and soul. We care a lot about the atmosphere on the ship, which is not easy to measure. We checked many boats before we added any of them to our fleet. Only the best boats of their type and standard (size, quality of services, atmosphere, interior organisation) make it into our fleet. Before adding new ships to our fleet, they are screened by several private independent groups; in recent years more ships were rejected than accepted. Our current fleet is stable:

These boats usually sail exclusively for Geotour for several weeks in a row; the crews are therefore accustomed to our style and participants of our programme. Our systematic work with our crews, the boat owners and captains, is based on long-term cooperation. We are very important partners for them and, therefore, we can influence the quality and permanently improve the services on our ships.