The Bikeboat is a unique combination of cycling and sailing while staying on board of a traditional Adriatic sailboat which is your floating home. You sail, sleep, eat, drink and live on the boat.

How did BIKEBOAT start?


We started our sailing trips in Croatia in 1994. GEOTOUR had been the first to introduce the combined BIKE/BOAT programme in 1999 in the Dalmatian islands of Croatia. Since then, almost ten thousand, mostly Czech cyclists have biked and sailed with us. In the past we offered English speaking trips for special groups only. Most of our public tours had been guided in Czech as KOLOLOĎ (the Czech language equivalent for BIKEBOAT) and frequented by those who understand Czech. Recently we introduced the English language version called the BIKEBOAT.

Film – Bikeboat mosaic (2:46)

Film – Bikeboat Essence (3:47)

Film – Bikeboat extreme (4:42)

Is it for me?

Bikeboat is open to everyone – for recreational cyclists or sportsmen, with both slower and faster paces, for bikers and road cyclists. You can choose from various routes, diverse surfaces, elevation and distance. You choose your route based on how you feel that day, your fitness, preferences and the written and spoken information we provide you with. >> More about the daily routine

Which sailing route should I take?

The 2022 BIKEBOAT season offer you two routes (in English). >> More about routes


Advantages and disadvantages

Bikeboat has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider them before deciding on participating because for some, the disadvantages may outweigh the advanatages! >>More about advantages and disadvantages

When to go?

The main season for our BIKEBOAT in Croatia is May & June and then in September & October. Choose your trip according to our current plan of sails.