Bikeboat 2023 - TOURS

TermRouteBoatTransportationPrice EURNote
K172.6.-11.6.CENTRAL VBUS/OWN€ 1046,-disembarked
K211.9.-10.9.JUBILEETBUS/OWN€ 922,-own transport only

T– boat TVRDI – A cabins  with own shower and toilet (additional fee for this cabin is € 107/person), B cabins in a lower deck.

V– boat NAVIGATOR – cabins with own shower and toilet

The price of the tour includes

The price of the tour typically does not include medical expenses insurance, liability insurance for damages, insurance in case of cancellation of the tour, drinks (except tea or coffee for breakfast and water to the main course), entrance fees to the nature reserves and historical monuments, expenses connected with testing and other measures of COVID-19 prevention.

Travel Contract

Travel Terms and Conditions

Cancellation conditions: