Ship Guide

The Silva came in to the world in 1914. The boat is 21 metres long and 6.5 metres wide. The higher of its two masts is 17.5 metres high. The boat has two decks and an under deck equipped with cabins for two (bunk berths) and three (bunk berth + one side berth). The saloon, showers and toilets are located on the main deck. The boat can accommodate 26 guests. The crew consists of the captain, cook, sailor and the steward.

Silva is unique with charisma – floating historical exhibits, the only surviving ship of its kind on the Adriatic. Captain Ante took the helm from his great uncle Ivan, who led Silva to 30 years. Silva was named after the daughter of the owner of the ship from the middle of the last century.


Tour of the SILVA (0:48)