Ship Guide

This elegant boat – or rather ship – was built in 1947. She is 30 m long, 6,5 m wide, the higher of the two masts has 18 metres. She has three decks and an under deck. The saloon is on the upper deck, the showers and toilets (for cabins with no en-suite facilities) on the main deck. Class A cabins (with their own showers and toilets, 2-berth and 3-berth, bunk berth or bunk berth with one side berth) are on the main deck, class B cabins (2-berth only, bunk berths) are located in the under deck, with no windows. The Tvrdi can accommodate up to 40 persons. The crew consist of the captain, ship engineer, chef, steward and sailor.

Tvrdi has an original unmistakable silhouette, she is efficient and highly functional. The experienced crew is professional and friendly to the passengers and the ship itself. Marko´s delicate cuisine is admired throughout the Adriatic. „Tvrdi (brod)“ means „durable, strong (boat)“ in Croatian.